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The Dubuque County Library District welcomes individuals of all ages and abilities. The library strives to be a place of belonging for all and the safety and welfare of vulnerable patrons at the library is of utmost importance. A vulnerable patron is a library user of any age whose behavior requires them to be accompanied by a guardian or caregiver or who is unable or unwilling to care for themselves.

Vulnerable patrons should be supervised by age appropriate, responsible parties at all times. Guardians and caregivers are responsible for monitoring the activities and regulating the behavior of persons in their care while they are in the library. Library staff may make exceptions to these requirements for patrons attending library programs.

The Library Board and staff respect the rights and privacy of all library patrons. Staff will intervene only when vulnerable patrons are left unattended and if disruptive behaviors or issues relating to safety and well-being occur.

Library staff will follow established procedures for the protection of the involved party or parties and to maintain an environment free from disruption in accordance with the Conduct in the Library Policy.

Library staff is not responsible for vulnerable patrons interacting with or leaving the library with persons who are not appropriate caregivers or for any consequences related to parents or caregivers forfeiting their responsibilities.

Library staff may refer to social services or law enforcement those vulnerable patrons who are left unattended in the library when a parent/guardian cannot be reached or if the behavior of the minor child or vulnerable adult falls outside acceptable behavior in the library.

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Adopted 6/20/23

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