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Programs Policy

The Dubuque Count Library district presents programs to further our mission and meet the needs of the residents of the library’s service area. This policy exists to guide librarians in selecting and planning programs and to inform the public about the principles guiding programming decisions.
Library programs are planned public activities that are initiated by or presented in partnership with DCLD and take place at a library branch, at locations in the community, or online. Library programs include, but are not limited to: book talks, demonstrations, discussion groups, lectures, performances, storytimes, tours, and workshops.

Program Selection
The selection of program content (including topics, activities, presenters, and highlighted materials) will be made on the basis of public interest and relevance to DCLD’s mission and strategic plan. Content will not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation. Inclusion in a program does not constitute endorsement of program content.

All library programs are open to the public. Responsibility for the exposure of children to library programs rests with their parents or legal guardians. DCLD may limit attendance of a program to a specific age group. Pre-registration may be required. Program attendees may be photographed, filmed, or video recorded and their likenesses used by the library in editorial or promotional materials.

Community Partnership
DCLD sometimes partners with City or County departments, governmental agencies, community organizations, and businesses to present programs. Co-sponsored programs must include participation by library staff to plan program content, provide logistical support, or include information about library collections relevant to the program. Co-sponsorship and collaboration decisions are made on the basis of mutual needs and equitable benefits between the library and potential partners, as well as available library resources. Such programs materials must not endorse or oppose the election of any candidate for public office; endorse or oppose the adoption of federal, state, or local legislation; or promote commercial products or services.

Programming Costs
DCLD attempts to present programs at no additional cost to participants but may occasionally charge a participation fee to offset the cost of materials used in a program. This fee will be waived at the patron’s request.

Sale of Materials
Materials may be offered for sale at a program by the program presenter or their representative. Eligibility to attend a program shall not be dependent upon purchase. The library shall neither participate in nor profit from this sale.

Statements of Concern
Should a patron of DCLD take issue with a program, they are encouraged to contact the library director to arrange to discuss these concerns. Should that discussion prove unfeasible or fail to address the patron’s concerns, they may complete and submit a “Statement of Concern about Library Resources” form (available at all branches). For further details, please see the Statements of Concern policy.

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Adopted 3/21/23

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