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Meeting Room Policy

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The Dubuque County Library District offers meeting rooms as part of its mission to serve as a community resource. Currently meeting rooms are available at the Asbury, NICC/Peosta and the Farley/Drexler branches.

The Dubuque County Library District meeting rooms are available to groups of three or more. Library-sponsored and City of Asbury meetings and events always take precedence at the Asbury branch.

Individuals using a room must return it to its original arrangement and condition. Failure to do so may lead to the group or individual who reserved the room being denied future use of the meeting room and the assessment of a cleaning charge.

The library’s Conduct Policy applies to the use of the meeting rooms.  Individuals attending meetings are responsible for children under their supervision.   

In addition to the Conduct Policy, users of meeting rooms are subject to the following:

  • Events open to the public must be free of charge (certain Library, NICC, Western Dubuque Schools, and City of Asbury events are excepted)
  • Financial transactions and fundraising are prohibited (certain Library, NICC, Western Dubuque School, and City of Asbury events are excepted)
  • With the exception of Asbury, events may only be scheduled during hours the Library is open. Asbury events may run after library hours with permission.
  • There is no charge for non-profit educational, civic, cultural or informational events.
    • For the Asbury branch, a fee schedule has been established by the City of Asbury of $200.00 per four hour block of time and will be charged for those using the room for commercial interests, social occasions or for political events promoting specific individual candidates for office.
    • For Farley/Drexler and NICC/Peosta, specific rules of the host institution may apply.
  • Individuals or groups may only reserve rooms one time per calendar month. Reservations will be taken no more than six months in advance.
  • Food may be brought into the facility.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at Farley/Drexler and Asbury. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at public events at NICC/Peosta.
  • Use of meeting rooms in no way implies library endorsement of ideas expressed at the meeting or of the aims and goals of the organizations or individuals using the facilities.
  • Set up and take down of the meeting room in Asbury is to be monitored by Library or City staff to ensure proper care and use of electronic equipment.
  • No tape, staples or other adhesives are to be used on walls, floors, windows, cabinets, doors, door trim and furniture. Confetti, sand, candles, etc. are prohibited.

The Library Board of Trustees assumes no liability for accidents, injury, or loss of personal property incurred by groups or individuals while using the library meeting rooms.

Asbury Branch:

There are two rooms available in the Asbury Branch.  One is a small study room, the other is the Programming Room.  To reserve a room, call 563-582-0008 during library hours.  The individual requesting the reservation must complete and sign the Meeting Room Agreement to confirm the event.

Room capacities: Programming room, 120; study room: 4

Drexler/Farley Branch:  During the school year, the small conference room may only be used after school or on Saturday during library hours.  In the summer, the room is available all the hours the library is open.  To reserve the conference room, call 563-744-3371 ext. 5160 during library hours.  The individual requesting the reservation must complete and sign the Meeting Room Agreement form to confirm the event.

Room capacity: 20.

NICC/Peosta Branch:  To reserve a library meeting room, please call 563-556-5110 ext.224.  This reservation will be entered into the NICC room reservation system. Staff will confirm availability by phone or email.  Room are available only during library hours.  The individual requesting the reservation must complete and sign the Meeting Room Agreement form prior to confirm the event.

Room capacities: Room 200G: 27;
Room 200F: 10; Room 200E: 10.





Approved August, 2003; revised, March, 2012.  Revised Feb. 2016









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