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Laptop Loan Policy

Laptop Loan Policy and Agreement

Laptops may only be checked out by registered borrowers with any fines and fees under $10 (none long unpaid) and with at least a three month borrower history.  Borrowers must be age 16 or older.

Borrowers agree that laptop loans are for in-facility use only, and cannot be removed from the facility.  Removal of the laptop from the library facility will be viewed as theft and may result in prosecution.

It is understood that by borrowing a laptop computer from the Dubuque County Library District the borrower is responsible for the computer, software, and all accessories/peripherals.  Borrowers will reimburse the library for any damages, up to and including replacement cost, if the laptop, peripherals/accessories or any software installed thereon is damaged, lost or stolen while checked out to them.

The borrower agrees to alert library staff immediately if the laptop or any of its components are damaged, missing or malfunctioning.

It is understood that the loan period for borrowing a laptop is 2 hours, and may be renewed for an additional 2 hours.  Additional renewal may be allowed if possible.  It is also understood that laptops must be returned to library staff at least 30 minutes prior to library closing, even if this does not allow use of the laptop for the entire loan period.

The borrower understands that when the loan period has elapsed the laptop must be returned to a staff member at the service desk. Until the laptop has been placed in the hands of a library staff member and checked in, it remains the user’s responsibility.  Failure to return the laptop promptly will be subject to a $10 fine and revocation of laptop privileges for thirty days.  Subsequent failure to return a laptop promptly may result in permanent revocation of laptop privileges.

The Dubuque County Library District is not responsible for any damage or loss of user’s data or media due to any cause while using a Library laptop.

Users must delete their documents, data, etc from a Library laptop. Any document, data, etc. left by a user on a Library laptop will be purged and will not be recoverable.   Users wishing to save their documents or data must bring a USB stick or similar device to do so.

Borrowers understand that Library wireless connections are not secure, and borrowers will take appropriate precautions with personal information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, etc. while using library computers.

Borrowers agree to abide by the Dubuque County Library District’s Computer and Internet Resource policy.

By signing this document, I verify I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Laptop Loan Policy and Agreement, and the Computer and Internet Resource Policy of the Dubuque County Library District.


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Adopted by the Board of Trustees 1/18/2016



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