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Conduct in the Library Policy


Dubuque County Library – Conduct in the Library Policy 

The purpose of the Conduct Policy is to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for all library patrons and staff. It also ensures access to library facilities, and the protection of library collections, equipment, and facilities.  

Patrons have the responsibility to use the library in a manner that does not interfere with the rights of other individuals to use library materials, resources, and services, which does not limit the ability of library staff to conduct library business, and which does not threaten the secure and comfortable environment of the library. 

Parents or caregivers are responsible for the conduct of accompanying children.  Prohibited conduct includes any illegal activity and includes, but is not limited to, the following:  

  • Willfully annoying, harassing, or threatening another person.  
  • Possession of weapons is not allowed on library premises with the exception of those carried by authorized law enforcement agents, members of the armed services, or those with private security firms, such as armored car drivers, and those allowed via local statute.  
  • Consuming alcohol or controlled substances, being intoxicated, smoking, or using tobacco products including electronic cigarettes “vaping”. 
  • Consuming food or beverages in such a way that could damage the library building, materials or furniture. Food and beverages are not permitted at or near library equipment.  
  • Using the library building, furniture or equipment in a manner that could cause harm to self, patrons, staff, or personal or public property.  
  • Campaigning, petitioning, interviewing, survey taking, soliciting, posting notices, fundraising, or selling, unless authorized by the Director or designee.  
  • Behaving in a loud, boisterous or disruptive manner that is not solely caused by a disability. Fighting or challenging to fight, running, pushing, shoving or throwing items. 
  • Using a cell phone, pager, audio player or other electronic device in a manner that disrupts library use or operations.  
  • Impeding access to the building or an area of the building or blocking book stack aisles for extended periods of time.  
  • Bringing animals into the library, except service animals, unless authorized by the Director or designee.  
  • Leaving animals, bicycles or personal items in library entrances or walkways.  
  • Leaving unattended personal items in the building. The Library assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or unattended personal items. Items left unattended may be removed and taken to the service desk. 
  • Entering non-public areas or entering or leaving the building through non-public entrances and exits, unless accompanied by a staff member or through prior authorization from a staff member.  
  • Having offensive hygiene, odor or scent that constitutes a nuisance to other persons.  
  • Failure to exit the building at closing.  
  • Failure to follow directions from staff.  
  • Using library areas or equipment for other than their designated purpose.   
  • Using the library, including restrooms, for bathing, hair washing, or doing laundry.  
  • Sleeping, except for attended children.    
  • Loitering. 

Failure to comply with the Conduct Policy may result in loss of library privileges up to and including being banned, for one day or more, from the library. Bans of more than one day must be authorized by the Library Director or designee. A ban will include a written statement documenting behavior and noting the terms of the ban. When the individual banned is a minor, the parent(s) or guardian(s) may be contacted if possible.  Bans may be appealed to the Library Director or the Library Board of Trustees.  


Adopted 5/26/2015 

Reviewed and revised 8/20/2019

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